About Us
Royal Palace Nursery understands that the first five years of your child’s life are fundamental to their development. Every child deserves the best possible start in life and all the support they can get.Our aim to prepare happy innovative children who enjoy life in a pleasant learning atmosphere while developing their abilities, widening their views and strengthening their morals under the direction of a distinguished administration and teaching staff.

Our objective is to:
  • Develop the different types of thinking skills in our kids
  • Increase their social, artistic and academic intelligence
  • Apply new technology so that we can achieve our goals and make our kids familiar with this technology at early age.
  • Give our kids the chance to express themselves, their personalities and likes in suitable ways.
  •  Help our kids to be self confident, independent, responsible, and decision makers
  • Encourage innovative powers in our kids and discover their hidden talents in an atmosphere that ensures progress and development.
  • Develop our Kids’ imagination depending on advanced activities that encourage them to express themselves and exchange ideas.

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